Monday, July 16, 2012

Rebate Programs For Water Conservation

Rebate Programs

There are a variety of rebate available to save you money. Water conservation incentives and services can make your home or business more water-efficient, save water and energy costs, and lower landscape maintenance and utility bills.

A water-efficient home and business can reduce waste, pollution from irrigation runoff and greenhouse gas emissions from water pumping and heating. Joe Mumford Plumbing & Heating Co. is working to help you and your home be more water-efficient.

Residential Rebate Programs:

High-Efficiency Toilet (HET) Rebate Program. Offers up to a $175 rebate to replace older 3 gallons or more flush toilets with new 1.28 or less gallons high-efficiency toilets for all treated water customers in the PCWA service area. The average water savings for HETs is estimated to be 38 gallons per day (gpd) over the older model.

Hot Water Demand Whole House Recirculation System Rebate Program. This program offers a $150 rebate for every tank style hot water heater replaced with a Hot Water Demand Whole House Recirculation System. 

A Hot Water Demand Whole House Recirculation System as a tankless hot water heater, a pump system that quickly circulates hot water throughout the whole house and a thermal bypass valve. The pump can be located at the hot water heater or the furthest point from the hot water heater.

The pump can be controlled by a timer, wireless remote control, motion sensor or by an on demand switch. The cold water is saved using a thermal valve at the furthest point from the tankless hot water heater, thus recirculating back into the cold water pipe.

Point of Use Hot Water Rebate Pilot Program. This program offers a $50 rebate for every point of use hot water heater installed. A Point of Use Hot Water heaters as devices that are placed under a sink to bring instant hot water to the faucet. Normally these are 2-3 gallon devices and are plugged into an outlet

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